The aim of IntegRATIOn project is to let young people know that standing up against exclusion, racism, hate speech and segregation is not the task of the “other’s” but it is also their responsibility to stand up against these actions not only because of solidarity but also for economical reasons. We propagate project elements in which creative solutions (infografics, photovoice, meme, slogan) are awarded with the dissemination of the ideas (tshirt, badge, sticker, web). These methods make the theme of integration “trendy” through creativity (meme, infografics, photovoice) and active participation, while carrier surfaces are created (for example t-shirt, badge) that help further spread the message. Thanks to the innovative communication we assume the involvement of 100 volunteers, who will pass the message to their peers through generating at least 100 events. Besides we reach several young people directly (e.g. living library, exhibitions of the creations) and indirectly (web).

Motivation Student Mentoring Program

 At the start of the Program in 2007, we organized a network of teacher trainee mentors in order to support the desegregation measures in Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely. Later, by also supporting pupils who were not affected by the desegregation measures, the Student Mentoring Program evolved into a national and local disadvantage-compensation program. Until the academic year of 2014/2015, student mentors mainly worked at the schools, while nowadays they tend to support the work in the Motivation Extracurricular Programs. Mentor students are responsible for supporting the educational career of disadvantaged, mainly Roma, primary and high school pupils; alleviating their integration issues as well as for helping the work of the teachers at the schools and in our Extracurricular Programs. Since the operation f the Student Mentoring Program we have trained and helped to gain practical experiences for more than 200 university students. Within the framework of the Program, we cooperate with the Institute of Adult Education and the Institute of Education at the University of Szeged. Certain components of the Program were adapted by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Miskolc and the Teacher’s Training Faculty in Hungarian of the University of Novi Sad. The first 5 years of operation of the Program was supported by the Roma Education Fund, the seventh academic year was realized within the framework of the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme. All the members of the Motivation Community are coming from the organizers and previous mentors of the Student Mentoring Program.

Motivation Extracurricular Programs

These Programs, which stem from a holistic view of personality, were created in order to provide complex developmental services to children and young people who do not receive enough attention in the educational system due to their marginal social position. The Program is realized in the community house of the Motivation Educational Association on Szent Mihály Street in Szeged as well as in the community house in the village of Tiszasziget. We organize complex developmental courses, free time activities, ICT courses and sports activities for 30 disadvantaged pupils at each location. The Extracurricular Programs are financed by TÁMOP 3.3.9.

The Mentor Game

The Mentor Game is a board game, which describes the difficulties disadvantaged pupils are faced with during their school career. The game is used by the members of the Motivation Community as a learning aid for the training of teachers, teacher-trainees and university students who hope to pursue helping professions. The Mentor Game is also a great way to raise awareness about the issue of social integration among teachers, high school students and university students. This board game was developed with the financial help of the EEA/Norway NGO Fund and the contribution of the Real Pearl Foundation.


TanodaPlatform, which is coordinated by the Motivation Educational Association, is a key actor and an expert group in the Hungarian movement of extracurricular programs. The platform was created so that the voice of extracurricular programs is heard and financing becomes more predictable, the roles of these programs are clarified, the work of the program is recognized and the programs receive professional support. The core of the network is an expert group, which considers lobbying as their main focus. The expert group gathers information about extracurricular programs all over the country to present good practices and typical difficulties; we organize workshop discussions on relevant issues in order to tackle the challenges extracurricular programs face together. Moreover, we operate a website and a Facebook platform to increase our online presence as well as to effectively communicate and to link extracurricular programs with one another. The Program is supported by the Open Society Institute.

Grassroots Europe for Local Wellbeing

The Open Society Foundation has launched its international program, Grassroots Europe for Local Wellbeing, in 2011. In Hungary, mainly NGOs supporting disadvantaged groups and promoting inclusive education participate in the program. The project facilitates cooperation between the NGOs, generates new projects and represents the issue of inclusive education. Our Association participates in the following programs within the framework of Grassroots Europe for Local Wellbeing: “Első láncszem” tapasztalatcsere az Igazgyöngy Alapítvánnyal és a Shero Egyesülettel (“First link” exchange of experiences between the Real Pearl Foundation and Shero Association) (2012); “Adjunk helyet a felszállóknak!” kampány, az integrált nevelés elfogadásáért 1-2. (“Give way to newcomers” campaign for integrated education 1-2) (2012-2013); Az integráció, mint közösségi élmény (Integration as a social experience) (2014).

Talent support

We have been operating as a registered Talent Point (center for talent support) since 2013. We have realized several projects within the framework of MATEHETSZ Tehetséghidak (YOU CAN ACT TODAY bridge of talent). In 2013, we organized a camp for 11 pupils; some of our colleagues participated in methodological workshops within the framework of “Az én gyermekem is tehetséges” (My child is also gifted) Program; we were awarded a textile screen printing machine as a result of a successful asset acquisition tender; we organized programs related to comics, journalism and fine arts within the program titled “Gazdagító programpárok” (Enrichment program pairs). We contributed to the 6-day training, “Tehetségfejlesztés a tanodákban“ (Talent support in extracurricular programs), for professionals working in extracurricular programs both as trainers and participants. We are a member of 4T (Thematic Talent Support Committee of Extracurricular Programs), which is coordinated by MATEHETSZ (YOU CAN ACT TODAY).

Katalizátor Hálózat (Catalyst Network)

The network of university lecturers, students, researchers and activists promote the realization of a network of parallel activities and synergic interactions among governmental, religious, for-profit organizations and NGOs working for the social integration of the Hungarian Roma minority. Several members of the Motivation Community actively participate in the Catalyst Network.

Demokrácia Iskolája (School of Democracy)

The School of Democracy project is realized with the professional leadership of the Foundation for Democratic Youth and the support of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund. The 2-year program aims at improving and promoting the exchange of experiences of NGOs working with volunteers and supporting poor children and young people.

Kistesó Program (Younger brother and younger sister program)

This Program supports disadvantaged, nursery school children and their parents. The main focus groups are 5-6-year-old children and young mothers with small children. We assess their circumstances in a complex way in order to help them in the selection of the appropriate school and teacher, thus promoting successful integration in education. We also organize family activities and developmental programs for them.