Romani Lulugyi – Written, read and painted Romani

We organized an exhibition where the illustrations of the student book Romani language and literature for grades 1-2 written by Melinda Rézműves were displayed. Through the illustrations we have a glimpse of the life of a Roma and non-Roma family, thus conveying the message of the program that we, Romas and non-Romas are all part of the same society. Erzsébet Fehér-Tonté, the artist who painted the illustrations also attended the opening of the exhibition at Szent-Györgyi Albert Agóra. We organized handicraft workshops for primary school students that followed the theme of the exhibition. The illustrations were displayed in the Vedres István community house of Tiszasziget as well. The program was supported by the Ministry of Human Capacities.

Why we fail and how to succeed?

This program studies the communication of Roma integration programs in 4 countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia) to find effective communication strategies. We prepare content analysis and case studies to make recommendations primarily for local governments on how to support the effective communication of Roma integration programs.

Motivation Scholarship Program

The Program provides financial support and mentoring to 75 multiple disadvantaged primary and secondary school pupils in Szeged, Hódmezővásárhely and Tiszasziget. The Scholarship Program focuses on developing the reading comprehension and motivational skills as well as the social competence of pupils. The Program is run by Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Centre and Pontus Public Benefit Association and supported by the Swiss-Hungarian NGO and Scholarship Funds.