The Motivation Community supports the social integration of people, primarily children and young people with disadvantaged backgrounds through motivating, improving their skills and abilities as well as through shaping the attitudes of society. Within the framework of the Motivation Community, the members of three NGOs work together to realize educational programs that mainly deal with disadvantage-compensation and talent support; to perform research and consulting services in the field of social inclusion and equity in education.

 Motivation Educational Association

The Association was founded by university lecturers, professionals in the field of equal opportunities, teachers and teacher trainees in order to help renew the education in Hungary; to improve its quality and to create equity through examining and developing the Hungarian educational system as well as the educational contents and methods. Motivation Educational Association is primarily responsible for the realization of the programs run by the Motivation Community.

 Shero Association

The Association was founded by the mentors and mentees of the Motivation Student Mentoring Program. Shero has actively participated in realizing the Student Mentoring Program and the Motivation Extracurricular Programs. Within the framework of the Motivation Community, Shero usually organizes youth and cultural programs.

 Pontus Public Benefit Association

The Association was realized by Roma and non-Roma young people in order to build a bridge between cultures and people to stop the deepening social exclusion in Hungary. Pontus primarily runs integration programs.