We regularly provide opportunities for young people to join our activities as volunteers, thus gain experiences in educating and developing disadvantaged pupils and organizing different programs. We offer this kind of volunteer work primarily for higher education students who are considering a pathway to the helping professions (e.g. teachers, social workers, psychologists, cultural mediators, adult educators), however, we welcome anyone who wants to join us, namely young people (high school students), older people and students pursuing other careers or having experience in other fields.

We are seeking the help of volunteers in other fields than supporting children and young people, too. There are a number of other competences (e.g. communication, marketing, law, event management) that may be helpful for us; moreover, dedicating a few hours of your time regularly or occasionally may mean a great help to us, too.

Our experience shows that the references students pursuing helping careers can get as volunteers, increase their chances of being hired for certain positions, and employers value volunteer work in other areas as well.

You may join our team at the start of academic semesters as volunteers who wish to work with children and young people are required to complete a training. Volunteers who work with children and young people are supported by experienced teachers or mentors.